Arts-based social enterprises to get you through the summer!

arts based social enterprise

The social enterprise sector in Australia is growing. It is of no surprises that artists are exploring the viability of the model to sustain their practices. Will we continue to see more arts-based social enterprises emerge? 

The common characteristic of all social enterprises is that they generate their own income to sustain their activities. Whilst they may still be eligible for government grants, they are not solely relying on public funds to function. Their success is based on consumer confidence that they meet a social need. When done effectively, it’s a win for the arts and consumers!

The summer season is upon us! Here are three arts-based social enterprises to enjoy with the whole family. From workshops to social spaces, we love discovering different arts based social enterprises. 

Lost in Books, Fairfield.
Forget Disneyland, I really believe this is going to be the most magical place on earth. It is a multilingual children’s bookshop catering to the dialects commonly spoken by the local community. Join them for story time at 10am on Thursdays. Watch this space as their creative program develops for your chance to participate in creative workshops and sip coffee from their in house coffee shop. Check out their website for more details.

Wild Rumpus, Wollongong
Did you miss their Wild Jamboree weekend? Don’t worry we did too and gee do we have FOMO! A whole weekend tucked away for creative arts workshops with artist-facilitators in a nurturing environment.

Calling Wollongong home, Wild Rumpus hosts a fantastic program of arts and cultural workshops to suit all interests. Coming up in November: macrame and essential oils! Check out their site for more information.

Parramatta Clay & Arts Inc.
The home of clay work in Parramatta, this is your chance to do learn the art of coiling or working the wheel to create beautiful clay pots and sculptures. All the facilitators are friendly faces of local artists. Find out more about their workshops here. 



**NOTE the header images are stock images and not an accurate indication of what these social enterprises look like.