Australia needs cultural crusaders

Dear Cultural Crusaders,

‘Regional Australia – for all of its rich artistic splendour – isn’t getting much of a voice in all of this (Australia’s public record of the arts). Writers like me are trying to pick up the missing pieces by contributing some of this history in-kind and in necessity.’

Our regular contributor, Rayannon Innes (Newcastle) put it best this week when she referred to contributors to State of the Arts Media as gap fillers. When the majority of arts publications are largely only interested in the activity that is concentrated around major cities, now is the time for a platform like State of the Arts Media.

Genuine in our intentions and strategic in our model – we are doing what many respected cultural leaders have wanted to see happen for a while, but haven’t pursued. There have been new independent art publications go to market – both commercial and artist-led – but they continued to pander and an already saturated market.

Together, we can bridge the gap.

State of the Arts Media is on the home stretch for our crowdfunding campaign. This campaign is a piece of the puzzle in our strategic plan for the growth. If you have enjoyed reading our content, we need your help. We may not have DGR status for your to claim donations as a tax deduction, but we are offering a range of fantastic rewards, some with the support of generous cultural crusaders.

  • The Upskiller. Early access to our resource ‘Arts Writing in the Digital Era’. This document is filled with tips and tricks to write effective content. Learn the basics of writing copy PLUS a brief explanation of how these skills can apply to writing reviews or other arts-based content. Research shows that how we engage with content online is drastically different to that in print. Yet our ‘Writing for Publication’ units are only preparing graduates for print. This is silly and we want to help you.


  • The Advocate. We’ll send you a copy of Passion Purpose Meaning: Arts Activism in Western Sydney by historian and founder of the original Western Sydney arts news insert, ‘ArtsWest’, Katherine Knight. This is the missing piece of your knowledge about contemporary Australian Art. Includes domestic postage.You can read her announcement here.

    A year ago, I asked if there was a future for this blog Western Sydney Frontier and following Natalie’s enthusiastic response, State of the Arts Media is now a more than worthy successor. I have gladly contributed copies of my book Passion Purpose Meaning: Arts Activism in Western Sydney as rewards for donations to their fund. – Katherine Knight 

  • Pay it Forward. When you start a business, there is a lot of learning along the way that you won’t find in a textbook. This is your chance to talk one-on-one with our co-founders. You can ask us anything, from overcoming the challenges of starting a new business to where our favourite local hang outs are. We want to share what we have learned with you and answer any questions you may have.
  • Flavour Explosion. You’re here because you love engaging with local culture. We’ll be oozing gratitude for your support and have a $50 Taste Food Tour voucher coming your way! Led by talented locals across Western Sydney, share mouthwatering treats, local history and hear their cultural and local stories. Explore the places to eat and shop, discovering those hidden gems that only locals know!
  • Commissioners. Help us to commission one full article, guaranteeing opportunities for local writers to share their experiences. In return, we’ll acknowledge your support under the by-line as the chief commissioner.

Ideal for Cultural Crusaders in art organisations or small teams.

  • HOW TO ENGAGE DIGITAL AUDIENCES WITH THE ARTS? As a part of our commitment to paying it forward, we want to offer your small team our 1 hour workshop on basic tricks and techniques for writing effect web copy. We’ve done the training and learned how to apply it to the arts. Depending on location, this workshop can be delivered face to face or as a webinar. Workshop times to be negotiated.
  • Turbocharge your online content. SE -what? SEO! Generally, the arts are not equipped for the digital era. To lend a hand, we have discounted our three hour workshop (usually $3000) to bring you the latest skills and techniques to not only write engaging copy, but to maximise it’s reach in the world wide web. This workshop is great for small teams with limited to basic understanding of copywriting and SEO practices. Depending on location, this workshop can be delivered face to face or as a webinar. Workshop times to be negotiated.

For more information on reward levels, head to our campaign page.

I really hope we can count on your support to help us through our next stage of growth. You don’t have to donate at a reward level, you can select no reward and add your own value. No donation is too small – every little but counts.

So what do you say, cultural crusaders? Can you help us building the living archive?




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