5 essential podcasts for the arts

Podcasts have never been more popular. They are wonderful ways to listen, learn and engage while on a daily commute, while you’re around the house, or if you’re just looking to jump on the podcast bandwagon.

There are many many podcasts out there for all kinds of people. I happen to listen to quite a few. For anyone in the arts, these are my top 5 essential podcasts for people in the arts.
1. Accidental Creative
Accidental Creative is a brilliant podcast as it examines all aspects of life and how that impacts, distracts, develops and destroys modern life as a creative individual. The podcasts covers everything from productivity, leadership, mindfulness, how to balance study, how to manage and expect failure. This broad approach to life, in all its quirky aspects, makes this one of the best podcasts for ANYONE in the arts.
2. Being Boss
100674_ee59d24dd15b4de7a152477d18194e78-mv2 This is THE podcast for creative entrepreneurs. They speak to other creative business people about how they all manage their business, being creative and managing life in general on top of it all. This podcast is relatable, funny and insightful. It always leaves me with a spring in my step feeling determined and productive.
3. Conversations
 100674_85ae3f26138f4931b0bb56500cd062ba-mv2Conversations is not, strictly an arts podcast. This podcast are just as the title suggest, a conversation with people, they are inquisitive, deep and offer more than usual fluff interviews. These are interesting stories where the unique human element is at the fore, each and every episode.
4. The Real Thing
 100674_79f418837f64404997a25b70bb1231a3-mv2Authentic. Australian. Amazing. This podcast, unlike the rest in this list doesn’t always have arts focused content. However, for anyone in the arts, this is a podcast worth getting into. In a series of interviews or short produced pieces this podcasts aims to get to the Real Thing, a real Australia. It’s the genuine engagement and local content that makes this podcast great. Simple recordings of actual lived experience, where we must listen to how things are felt, not how we think they are experienced. A lesson all creatives should take once in a while.
5. Artful Business Podcast
 100674_36f819655f4544348120b8d1558b0b09-mv2_d_1400_1400_s_2Back to business. Similar to Being Boss and Accidental Creative, the Artful Business Podcast is a collection of interviews and discussions from business owners about their journeys, struggles, triumphs and strategies within their business. The wonderful draw and difference of this podcast is that it is Australian. This podcast is down-to-earth, no BS, funny and creative. It’s this particular Australian sensibility that makes this podcast so enjoyable.
As anyone who listens to podcasts knows, you can’t JUST stop at the number in the list, which is why I want to give the following podcasts a mention.
Honourable Mentions go to: 
Best Practice, The Cultural Frontline, The Jealous Curator: Art for your ear, The Art Life, National Library of Australia.
– Words by Katie Terrence. First published 5 March, 2017