5 exceptional panels at the Wollongong Writers Festival

1. Enough Said Presents: You’ve Changed – Jane’s


Sydney spoken word poets Alice TameHawraa Kash & more perform new work about words that have changed their world in a showcase extraordinaire from the folks at Enough Said Poetry Slam.

23rd of November, tickets, times and info here.


2. Outside In: Author Panel


Some of the greatest works in the English language are novellas. This event celebrates ‘short’ novels and asks three authors how it feels to go from writing on the fringe to being adopted by the mainstream. Alice Grundy from Seizure talks to novella authors about their award-winning work on sexuality, race, and disability.

25th of November, tickets, times and info here


3. Holding the space: Public Women


Women writers speak to the pressure of being female in public life. The discussion will range over women negotiating the hazards of the post-9/11 terrain, the lack of female representation, body image and illness, and workplace harassment. This panel’s unique perspective on feminism, multiculturalism, race, and religion is one that we urgently need.

25th of November, tickets, times and info here


4. Rocket Reading: live poetry – Wollongong Art Gallery


Rocket Readings is a lively poetry event where the featured poets are followed by an open mic section with a three-minute limit.

26th of November, tickets, times and info here.


5. Reading and Writing in Uncertain Times


With the public lines between fact and fiction becoming increasingly blurred, most of us can’t decide if we want to stand up and fight for our rights, or hide away with our Netflix subscriptions until the world moves on. So how does this apply to the way we read and write? Should we be reading to escape reality, or to arm ourselves with the grim reality of the world? Is it possible to do both at once? Omar Musa, Dan Findlay and Amal Awad speak to Lex Hirst in a panel for our times.

26th of November, tickets, times and info here 


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