BLED: Scott Pollock

Content warning: This article touches on medical conditions, blood and mental health.

‘Bled’ is an exhibition/installation inspired by Scott Pollock’s journey into the art world – how it happened, what inspires him, the process of creativity and ultimately finding his voice.

Scott discovered his creativity after having an aneurysm with a small bleed on the brain. As a side effect from the operation he had an episode of Hypo Mania. One of the symptoms of Hypo Mania is the release of heightened creativity. Although he had dabbled in sketching and writing before, never had he felt such passion or inspiration. From that moment on, he went into a whirlwind of painting, writing, painting, writing. He was obsessed.


After experiencing this, he became fascinated with how our mental state or being can be the most powerful influence on our lives – how those moments of extreme emotions can, and do, shape our lives in so many ways.

The main artwork for the exhibition captures his journey from the aneurysm through to where he is today in regards to his art. A lot of his works aim to capture those moments of extreme emotion. The exhibition space will be turned into something similar to his studio –  not only full of painting materials but also of the things that give and gave him inspiration – photos, sketches and personal items of importance – it will be a place of creativity. Among the studio his artworks will be displayed – hanging on walls, perched on easels, leaning against walls or in the bin.

Opening on the 9th of November in Gallery 2 at M16 ArtSpace.


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