Your creative journey awaits at LOST IN BOOKS

Words by Natalie Wadwell

LOST IN BOOKS is a special place in Fairfield. If you are new to LOST IN BOOKS, it is a kid’s multilingual bookshop, café and creative learning exchange in Fairfield. After launching in mid-2017, they have released a range of exciting opportunities for the community to activate the space and share their stories.

Joseph Campbell mapped that every story has a pattern: the protagonist (our hero, in this case you) who goes from the ordinary world to the special world. They do this by meeting a mentor and encountering a call to action. In the special world they face challenges, like the need to overcome a villain (which may be human, a mystical creature or otherwise) before they can return to the ordinary world.

Every day at LOST IN BOOKS citizens are invited to not just disappear into the stories that line the curvy bookshelves, but to choose their own adventure. They can do this by participating in the creative program that boasts a range of workshops and designated learning time, as well as buying books.

LOST IN BOOKS is more than just a social enterprise bookshop, it was set up with the mission to become a multilingual community space for connection and exchange. According to director, Jane Stratton their program is already proving popular with locals:

The free workshops that we offer at LOST IN BOOKS are already attracting hundreds of women and children, and a few men too. We offer workshops in textiles; illustration and graphics; music; and science, as well as a regular Storytime. It’s fun, it’s free. The facilitators are great artists with valuable know-how to share. And it’s social – you might make a new friend!

There is a fantastic range of opportunities to join the community at LOST IN BOOKS. As 2017 draws to a close keep an eye out for opportunities to get involved in 2018! But look closely, there are two opportunities kicking off this week not to be missed!

Shop at the LOST IN BOOKS Makers Market

Coming up on Saturday 16 December, the Makers Market is a great opportunity to support local markers. Head across to Lost in Books from 11am or contact their team to be a stallholder.

LOST IN BOOKS Makers Market

Submit your creative work to LOST IN BOOKS’ first anthology, Arrival.

Whether you are a writer, photographer, illustrator or any type of creative content producer, this is your chance to be published. Submissions from languages other than English are encouraged. Get your work in by 31 December and for a chance to be invited to be a part of their In Other Words Festival in 2018. For frequently asked questions or a submission form, click here.

Join the Elders Storytelling Circle

Do you have a story that you would like to share? The Elders Storytelling Circle is a chance to build conversations and share stories with young people and our Elders.

Sign up to Midsummer – A Night of Music, Poetry and Ideas 

This will run on the second Thursday of every month (starting the 14 December) and Lost in Books would love to hear from musicians and performers who would like to partake. Film/video is also welcome. Anyone interested should contact:

Lost in Books MIDSUMMER

Drop in to a daily rotation of workshops.

Whether you are with the little ones or looking for some solo mum time, Lost in Books has a number of workshops to get involved with. This year there was Textiles Tuesday with Nicole Barakat, story time every Thursday morning and after school drawing and homework club for kids. These workshops are all about sharing space and skills. You never know what you might learn or who you will meet!

If LOST IN BOOKS is the special world, your journey as a protagonist starts when you choose to step through the door. In the special world you can conquer a new skill, work to overcome social anxieties by meeting new people in an inclusive, safe space or disappear into the worlds contained in the books. The ordinary world is experienced by those outside. So cross the threshold and join the friendly LOST IN BOOKS community in 2018.



All images used in this post are copyright and courtesy of our friends at LOST IN BOOKS.