General Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a digital version of State of the Arts that used to be funded by the Australia Council for the Arts?

No. Our research suggests that this publication has dissolved. It existed to promote projects that received government funding. Due to the unequal distribution of public funding, coverage of Western Sydney and Regional NSW in this publication was minimal. We exist to make sure this is never the case again. We meet the audience demand for more content beyond urban centres and are building an archive of innovative work that genuinely includes these regions.

How are you a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a term used to describe a business that generates its own income to address a social issue/s. Social enterprises understand that social change needs to be sustainable, meaning money and impact go hand in hand. State of the Arts Media focuses on generating income to ensure the next generation of storytellers have access to sustainable career development pathways and that there is a more balanced representation of greater suburban and regional communities. This means that so long as we are being paid, we can produce more content about the innovative communities living amongst us.

How do you plan to pay it forward?

As a profit-for-purpose business, all our profits go back into supporting the sustainability of the business and creating more opportunities for storytellers, not distributed to shareholders. This means that all the skills we learn in building this business are packaged into a series of digital skills workshops or more writing opportunities for our citizen journalists. We have a number of side projects we want to develop as State of the Arts Media. Your commitment to supporting our sustainability ensures we can deliver on our values.  

You are a national platform, so why is there only content from New South Wales?

Our ambition is to not just be a national platform, but to connect international audiences with a conversation about Australian Art. As a small business, we are building the resources and tribe required to meet this ambition. This means that at this stage of our development, we we are working on effectively covering NSW and the ACT. Our co-founders are from NSW, so it made sense to start with what they knew. That said, they aren’t opposed to covering wider events, so long as they are regionally based. If you would like to talk more about being featured, please get in touch.

Western Sydney isn’t regional, so why is it included on your platform?

We agree! The decision to include Western Sydney was strategic. Over the last 20 years Western Sydney has shaken off the regional label to be considered as greater metropolitan. There is a lot of political attention on this vast region at the moment, but the existing media publications still misrepresent or under represent the communities that call it home. We believe that by reshaping the conversation about WS concurrently to covering regional Australia, we can leverage greater support for the arts in innovative communities.

How do you define Western Sydney and Regional New South Wales?

How geography is defined varies between different  organisations and government agencies. State of the Arts Media acknowledges that these classifications are only helpful as indicators of who we work with. For that reason, we loosely work with Regional Arts Australia and the Greater Sydney Commission definitions to align what we are doing with policy and planning.


Contributors FAQs

What is a citizen journalist?

Changes in technology and how we communicate has seen public citizens being first to capture important news stories. A citizen journalist plays ‘an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing, and disseminating news and information.’ State of the Arts Media wants to train up a network of citizen journalists to formally contribute to the dissemination of news about arts and culture.

I am a writer/young person interested in reporting as a citizen journalist. How do I start?

Firstly, we are excited that you are considering becoming a citizen journalist with us. The process is as easy as heading to our contact us page and submitting a short memo to Editorial. Let our editor know what you are interested in covering and why you want to write for State of the Arts Media. If you have some samples of previous work or a link to something else you have been a part of, send that through too.

Do I need previous publishing experience to be considered as a contributor?

Of course not. The worst model of employment that the arts has is the requirement that you need unpaid experience to get experience to get more experience to be considered eligible for paid work. Research shows that in the New Work Order, individuals will do more learning on the job. Which is why we have an experienced team to help you with your writing. You may even want to consider one of our workshops to help fast track your skills and build confidence in your writing.

Will I be paid for my contribution?

Our co-instigators are writers themselves and ethically do not expect anyone to write for free. Realistically, as a new venture resources are limited. Our dedicated volunteer team are working very hard to generate the finances required to pay all our writers. At this stage, any writer who offers to contribute to our business case is eligible to join one of our Pay It Forward workshops which we will deliver for FREE. If you wish to join our database of future contributors, please contact our editorial team.

Individuals wishing to contribute content will by law require an ABN. You can find more information about this here.


Organisations FAQs

My organisation doesn’t fall into one of your target regions. Can I still get coverage of my program/s and event/s?

Yes. These specified target regions are just to help us scale our activity as a small, growing team. By focusing primarily in these regions, we can build audiences and ensure you can share these audiences as we grow. Please get in touch with our team to discuss this opportunity further

What costs are associated with having a writer develop content or being covered on State of the Arts Media?

The relationship between the arts and media is an important one. Mutually beneficial arrangements can make sure we are both sustainable. There are a range of opportunities for how you can work with our team of contributors to promote your programs and events. Our Media Package provides details of the costs associated and can be tailored into a one off, six month or yearly package to suit your needs. Please contact our team for a copy of the Media Partnership Package and to discuss a tailored quote.

I am producing a really great opportunity for creatives and need help spreading the Expression of Interest around. Can you help to distribute this information for me?

As a social enterprise, we can’t be freely circulating content – particularly of an advertising nature – as it hinders our ability to be sustainable and pay our contributors. Ethically, we hold a firm stance on this and won’t be circulating any advertising content for free. Please contact our team for more information on how we can help you reach and engage audiences.


Couldn’t find an answer you were looking for? Contact our team for extra support.