Having a fling: dance and youth participation in Bega

With the combination of community classes and artistically directed performances, fLiNG Physical Theatre, offer a unique and vital space to participate, build community, strength and skills our region.


Specifically catering to youth in the community, fLiNG offers an outlet for creative development for young people in Bega, by providing the means to build skills in performance and dance its specific targeting for youth participation thrives, as fLiNG is a space for young people to express and engage.
Performances like “We Will Come To The Rescue” offer young people a specific creative and physical outlet to participate in their cultural community, drawing of style, form and subject matter that is important to them. Their engagement and commitment raise standards for our whole region and offer inspiring, beautiful performances for us all to look on and be proud of.
These are young people committed to using their bodies and creativity to actively participate in culture and community within our region. 
And within the performances, fLiNG bridges a great divide within Australia’s cultural discourse, which is polarised so starkly in regional communities. It bridges the sports/arts divide as it specifically makes use of movement, exercise and creativity in engaging youth to develop strong community and cultural ties.
What this organisation has allowed for is a harmonious meeting and growth of discussions of cultural enrichment or physical engagement. They asked, and answered: why not both? And are doing so with all of the fun, intensity and beauty only performances (both physical and creative) can offer.