Transdisciplinary practice, space forums and art

Jannene Kyytsonen is a postgraduate research student with UNSW Art and Design. She has a background in commerce and came to art through her strong interest in neuroscience and anatomy. Bumping into her is always a pleasure, whether at art events or down the street. She generously shares her knowledge and passion for transdisciplinary arts practice. When we heard she had been invited to the South Australian Space Forum, we were bursting to know more.


This picture was taken at BBC Futures World Changing Ideas Summit at Darling Harbour,Sydney, with astronauts Ron Garan and Australia’s Andrew Thomas. The summit addressed how technology is changing preconceived ideas of the human experience. I met this inspiring duo the previous week in South Australia at a Space Industry Forum.

I have a concept for a Space Hub near Coober Pedy which has the same soil as Mars. I visualise simulated habitats being constructed there for common man to stay and imagine what lies in the future (and not just the quasi hotel rooms currently available). It could also accommodate a space school for stem learning, a mining education facility, a research living lab for scientist to refine habitats design and its suitability for co-habitation of man, bio-enhanced man, machine and artificial intelligence. It would also afford an insight for business to anticipate the needs of the Martian colony.

I believe that a future in space could ameliorate Earth problems by transplanting mining and manufacturing activities off planet, and allow some breathing space for this biosphere to recuperate.

My concept incorporates my life experience of Science, Art, Education and Commerce.

I believe the trans-disciplinary artist can provide a BIG Picture view of possibilities, and then, it just takes the imagination and courage of others to share the vision. Hope and a positive move forward can be achieved with inspiration and effort.

Sadly, in South Australia, I mostly saw the bulk of people focused on their own small target satellite interests. I am appalled by the proliferation of satellites with no long term view of the problems they create. I think they have heeded Donald Trump’s message when they are essentially building a wall to safely exploring space and will keep us contained to this planet.

We need more trans-disciplinary artists for multi-perspective views to be disseminated. Given Brexit and Donald Trump’s rhetoric there is clearly a need for people to grasp the implications of climate change, space travel and the disrupted economy. We need to give people a positive vision for the future.