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Across Australia there are vibrant, creative communities, but it is often hard to find out about them. Not anymore.

This is your guide to arts and culture spanning into the greater suburbs and regions of Australia. Find out what’s on in live music, events, markets, art exhibitions, workshops and much more. It is now easier for you to experience arts and culture closer to home and without putting stress on the budget.

Gain insight from local perspectives and experiences – our written content is produced by a network of local writers. They are on the ground and ready to bring you the latest must-see experiences and must-know young talent.


State of the Arts Media is a social enterprise that believes culture is everywhere. Through art and culture, society can learn a lot about people, places, their values and develop social cohesion. That’s why we exist – to share these under represented stories.

After the pilot period (November 2016-February 2017) changes have been made to our services based on your feedback. Now five regions across New Souths Wales are being targeted to help refine this service.

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